Yes, I got back from work, left before you, got back after you.  I might be a little bit tired.  I may even get upset when after I say hello, you completely rag on me about how "I stole your pants from your room."  Then, when I tell you I told mom that I was missing a pair and she took them and put them in the wash, thinking they were mine, don't continue to bitch at me.  Then, when I ask you if you have a pair of my pants in your room, don't say no and continue to bitch at me.  Finally, once I decide that i don't need to listen to this, don't get all offended when i decide to remove myself from the situation by going upstairs. 

I get it...  you said you didn't have my pants in your room.  It's not like I asked you to rip off your balls and shove them up your ass.  I asked you to look to see if they wound up in your room by accident.  You said no.  I said ok, so they must be somewhere else.  You don't need to go upstairs and make a big deal about how they aren't in your room.  And then start yelling at me because "I went into your room and stole your pants that you wear each day."

1.  I didn't go into your room, mom did.
2.  Stop yelling at me.
3.  We have pairs of pants that are the same size.  I know that you're pissed off that I got in shape, and can run more than you, etc, but stop being a little bitch.

Oh ya... and in response to some quotes of yours:

"So you wouldn't want me wearing a pair of your pants for a week?"
        Didn't you start this pissy fit because "I took your pants out of your room?

"You were upset about it all last night."
       No... I was "upset" about going to a restaurant that served almost exclusively beef, and was a little tired.  I could have stayed home and slept, but then I would be whined at all day by you (like you still do for me not skipping a test to come home for mom's birthday.  really stop it...).  And your whiny "guess what we got mom," and me asking you what, and you saying I have to guess, and me saying no (because I wasn't in the mood to play your stupid game), and you whining and stomping off didn't help either.  Sure, I didn't enjoy myself as much as I could have because we went out at a ridiculously late time (9:00) and I usually go to bed at around 10...  so I was just a smidgen tired.


It doesn't help that I'm tired from a long day at work either.

Dear people

Please do not feign offense in front of family members when I don't eat cake 'that you slaved over all day' after you spent the entire afternoon poking fun of my weight when no one was around. That makes me want to eat cake less... not only that, but I don't really eat dessert anymore (save for yogurt and fruit.... mmmmmmm. yogurt and fruit....) That's not to say that I'll never eat dessert, but I rarely do anymore... (after all, you should know since I refuse DQ, chocolate, etc... when offered.)

That was really classy...

Also, m-parent;
I know I was 'rude' for leaving the table before everyone was done eating. However, as I have told you, I don't like to be made fun of. Next time, I will reach across the table and beat the shit out of brother. Hopefully that will not be as 'rude' as leaving the table.

Or I will just say excuse me and leave from dinner. You were lucky I stayed past all the comments about brother making dinner for me more than I made it for him... NOT THE POINT! I made dinner MTWT, He's not there any day. Sun he makes dinner, I'm there. obviously he works harder than I do. At least you told him to STFU then, but he kept going.

Also, Help with dinner does not consist of: 'well now you have this and his and this and this, so you can make this one night, and this the next, and this the next, etc...' That's not really helpful.


Dear certain person...
I keep on trying to impress you, but I never seem to hear any sort of words resembling "Proud of you..." at least not recently...

Heard it before I switched my major from math to music

Before I told you I was moving to Ottawa with certain people

Before I told you I was going to be a teacher (and not follow in the accounting profession)
Maybe that's why you seem to like the others better than me... (and I know you keep on saying that's not true, but it seems that way :/)

Now it just seems like one giant guilt trip :/
Please stop the guilt trip, or at least offer me words of support. That would be appreciated, and make me feel appreciated as well.

I'm appreciated at work, by my boss; at school by the people who I was on IHC for; at school from the teachers and the Rez Life Staff; Even by certain people who will remain anonymous.

But it seems at home that nothing is good enough for you.

Work Shizzle
Dearest Co-worker who shares a name with Swiss Chalet's Burger Joint...

Joking about cutting down all the branches below 6'...
Funny the first time, not so much now that this is the 100+time you asked me :S
Please don't be getting angry when I hand you the saw, and tell you that I am not cutting down a single branch until you get Bossman to tell me to do so. However, me handing you the saw should tell you that you can do it yourself. Also, don't get irritated when I drive off, leaving you with the saw to put who-knows-where on your machine... you wanted it, so you got it, since I didn't need it. Be lucky I'm not carrying an axe.

Also Dearest Co-worker,
DO NOT DRIVE YOUR MACHINE OVER THE TEE DECK!!!!!!!!!! Especially if you can't cut straight. Also, don't run over the tee blocks, which splinter and ruin your blades. Turning on the tee deck, while sometimes necessary, should be gradual, not sudden, as it rips and kills the grass. Also, please get some glasses, as you can't seem to see anything. Be happy that I didn't shove a nail up your hydraulic system.

Finally; Dearest golfer.

I. Am. Not. A. Dog.

I drive a heavy machine, which has many spinning blades to cut the grass that you complain about being too long. Here is a list of things NOT to do, which will irritate me to no end.

1. Whistle at me to get my attention.
2. Throw a tee block at me to get my attention.
3. Hit me or my machine with a golf ball.
4. Once you have my attention, do not snap your fingers, and tap your foot impatiently.
5. Don't further annoy me by pointing your finger to the ground, signaling that you want me there. You can come to me.

Please remember this next time.

Oh... you also seemed to change your tune once you found out *who* I was, and the fact that I had the power to get you thrown out of the golf course (and probably enough to convict you of assault/battery with a weapon (or whatever that is called))

One last thing...

Stop trying to hit me with golf balls... this includes golfers and staff members... staff, I will get your golf privileges revoked if you are an asshole/it wasn't an accident

and a friendly reminder. If you get a triple bogey (or put the ball in the water 3 times in the course of a hole), you shouldn't be playing from the blue tee decks. And you shouldn't get angry at the people who are making the course playable and *trying* to get out of your way before you hit. I saw you almost hit Co-Worker JC, and I wouldn't blame him for kicking the shit out of you. Good thing I was there to talk him down, as this was the third time it happened to him today, and he was raring for a fight. I think his rotary blades would win, it might get bloody, but his machine is red, and your fluid would give it a nice shine... O.O



Only one thing I like better than coming home to a dirty kitchen...
And that is making dinner, and finding out that half of the people are not going to be home to eat... less than an hour before it's ready... Flaming Magic Kumquat people... communicate... esp. when I ask you the night before, or I will stop making dinner altogether.

Hey CUPE... I have an idea for you...

for the link-wary:

CUPE Ontario to recommend support for ban on Israeli academics in response to Gaza bombings
January 5, 2009

TORONTO, Ont. – CUPE Ontario's university workers committee will bring a resolution to its annual conference supporting a ban on Israeli academics doing speaking, teaching or research work at Ontario universities as a protest against the December 29 bombing of the Islamic University in Gaza.

“In response to an appeal from the Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and Employees, we are ready to say Israeli academics should not be on our campuses unless they explicitly condemn the university bombing and the assault on Gaza in general,” said Sid Ryan, president of CUPE Ontario. “It's a logical next step, building on policy adopted by our provincial convention in 2006.”

Resolution 50, adopted in May 2006, supported boycotts, divestment and sanctions aimed at bringing about the Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories and a just peace in the region.

“Clearly, international pressure on Israel must increase to stop the massacre that is going on daily,” said Janice Folk-Dawson, chair of the CUPE Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee, whose conference is scheduled for February. “We are proud to add CUPE voices to others from around the world saying enough is enough.”

Ryan and other CUPE representatives will join in the demonstration against the Israeli assault on Gaza at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, January 3 at Dundas Square in Toronto.


For more information, contact:

Sid Ryan, President, CUPE Ontario, 416-209-0066
Pat Daley, CUPE Communications, 416-616-6142


How about you try to ban male academics from teaching because the stereotype of them becoming "a danger to children" (you know what i mean, i won't actually say it, since you all know...) applies to "OMG ALL OF THEM"

While your at it, you can try to ban all female academics from teaching because they are at a high risk of social and eating disorders.

Who will teach then? You're treading on dangerous grounds here...

better not...

I'm trying to find a reference, but I can't find any... However, if it does, I will be pissed...

Things I am tired of...
1. Striking workers during bad economic times

Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I will go and work your job for you that you don't want. C'mon all of you stupid (university in particular) workers. Especially university workers. You are screwing with all of the students that you are supposed to be helping, who PAID FOR THEIR TUITION IN FULL. If I were the university, I'd fire ALL OF YOU! Now suck it up and get to work. (sorry... it just seems like these people shouldn't be able to strike or the students should get a full refund.)

Elementary school teachers... Make a deal... I haven't followed your story for a while... but seriously.

Bus services and teachers (i will admit teachers, even though I will be shooting myself in the foot) should be deemed essential, and not allowed to strike. Everyone depends on you. So stop holding us all hostage. Or I will hold YOU hostage...

2. Car companies

They want more money, they are in hard times, but they can still afford a 20k plane ride to plead for it... Riiiiight. Did I add that they want the money with "no strings attached?"

3. This coalition government crap

OK, We get the fact that you don't get along. however, I don't think that anyone in this "coalition" is fit to lead. We elected Harper, now let him lead. Are you upset that:
a) He's not acting like Bush and throwing money at the situation like you accused him of doing during the election?
b) He's taking away some funding from ALL parties? (I don't know about you, but I really don't feel like the current funding situation is appropriate... I mean who in Ontario, nay outside Quebec, wants to give funding to the Bloq, who in turn want to chop the country in half.
c) He beat you in another election, and you still hold a grudge
d) That Dion actually sucks... (just sayin...)
e) That his plan to fix the economy isn't "correct" enough, but the right thing to do? (he wants to take away the ability to strike from all public sector workers)
f) Harper could actually do a good job, thereby showing that you need to rework your strategies?

Get along, or I will lead this country. With no prior experience. And kick your collective coalition asses at the same time.

4. This ageist new driving law that MADD and this one guy want to pass...

Multiple reasons why it pisses me off:
- What makes older people more able to drink and drive?
- You can't have a car full of 19 year olds, but you can have a car full of people who turned 20 that day, and one 19 year old driver... seriously... does that make any sense? On your 20th birthday, does that flick a switch that says "I'm not stupid anymore."
- One speeding ticket and you lose your license?

This law stinks of the same attitude i see all the time... Parents not taking responsibility for their kids...
- OHNOES My precious is in trouble because she hit another girl, but it's not my fault, it's the school system. (Or yours... you should teach them hitting is not acceptable...)
- OHNOES My precious got in trouble for stealing, but it's not my fault (ORLY? Who taught them that the retail worker is worthless? Thought so...)
- OHNOES My precious is in a car accident, but it's not my fault that he was drinking and driving. (who should have gave them a lecture, or not allowed them to take a car if they knew there was going to be drinking at an event?) I don't know about you, but a car was not a right for me, it was a privilege... if I came back drunk, I would have been strung up and quartered, beat then not allowed to drive for the rest of my life.

Why do some parents overreact, and call for blanket legislation because of one dumb stupid person... Don't get me wrong, it was a terrible accident, but legislating this stupid law is a knee-jerk overreaction.

I just needed to vent about all this stuff



I Hate Hate Crimes (Is that a hate crime?)
Correct me if I'm wrong (and give examples) but aren't all crimes "hate crimes?" I mean, you never hear of anyone committing "love crimes" like:

"I'm gonna beat you up because I love you soooo much"
"I love you so I'm gonna steal your cool stuff"
"I'm stepping on your face because I love you"

Just what I think...





Stupid Canadian child setting up National Kick a Ginger Day

Dear Telemarketers
Dear Telemarketers...

Please do not use headsets or handsfree while talking to me... it makes it hard to understand, and I will hang up on you.

No love



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